Ackles, Acacia

Acacia Ackles

Graduate Student
Advisor: Arend Hintze
Aggarwal, Surinder

Surinder Aggarwal

Retired Faculty


Atkinson, James

James Atkinson

Professor - Tenure System Emeritus
Baker, Denae

Denae Baker

Graduate Student
Advisor: Richard Snider
Beaver, Donald

Donald Beaver

Retired Faculty
Diana Bello-DeOcampo

Diana Bello-DeOcampo

Assistant Professor - Fixed Term
(517) 353-2933
Bernard, Joni

Joni Bernard

Adjunct Assistant Professor - Fixed Term
Bierema, Andrea

Andrea Bierema

Specialist Teacher - Fixed Term
Bohm, Clifford

Clifford Bohm

Systems Analyst & Graduate Student
Advisor: Fred Dyer
Booms, Andy

Andy Booms

Graduate Student
Advisor: Kay Holekamp
Ph.D. Topic: Gene flow in spotted hyenas
Boughman, Janette

Janette Boughman

Professor - Tenure System
 (517) 353-8636

There are somewhere between 2 and 10 million living species on earth – possibly more. What processes create this incredible diversity? The deep and difficult question of how new species form has challenged biologists for a long time. This question is at the heart of my research program. A unifying theme of my work is to understand how an organisms’ behavior generates selection that results in diversification, and how diverse behavior itself evolves under the influence of multiple forms of selection. Behavioral traits are thus the primary phenotypes of interest, but can also be the agents of evolutionary change.

Braasch, Ingo

Ingo Braasch

Assistant Professor - Tenure System
(517) 432-3484

The Braasch Lab addresses fundamental questions about the genomic and developmental basis of major transitions during the course of vertebrate evolution. We study genomic and morphological novelties in vertebrates at the levels of genome structure, gene family dynamics, and gene regulation and combine comparative genomics with analyses of molecular evolution and developmental genetic approaches using zebrafish (Danio rerio), spotted gar (Lepisosteus oculatus) and other fishes as model systems.