Geise, Gregory

Gregory Geise

Adjunct Assistant Professor - Fixed Term
Gering, Eben

Eben Gering

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Getty Lab

We study feral chicken populations (Gallus gallus) to learn how social behaviors and population histories influence eco-evolutionary dynamics.

Getty, Tom

Tom Getty

Chair; Professor - Tenure System
(517) 353-9864

My research is in the field of behavioral ecology. I focus on the role of information and uncertainty in various aspects of the ecology and evolution of behavior, including: sexual selection, social behavior, communication, conflict and cooperation, predator-prey interactions, habitat choice and the evolution of adaptive phenotypic plasticity.

Giesy, John

John Giesy

Retired Faculty
Gottfried, Michael

Michael  Gottfried

Associate Professor - Tenure System
(517) 432-5480
Biology and paleontology of living and fossil sharks.
Grezlik, Maxwell

Maxwell Grezlik

Technical Aide, R. Hill Lab
Haddad, Nicholas

Nicholas Haddad

Professor - Tenure System
Hagerman, Howard

Howard Hagerman

Retired Faculty