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Bromley, Stephen

Retired Faculty


Stephen C. Bromley received his A.M. and Ph.D. degrees from Princeton University, completing his doctorate in 1965. He spent four years as an Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont, and then came to Michigan State University as a Research Associate in 1969. In 1970, he was appointed Associate Professor and Director of the MSU Biological Sciences Program. He was promoted to Full Professor in 1976. He continued as Director of the Biological Sciences Program until 1991, when he returned to full-time teaching duties in the Department of Zoology.

Professor Bromley is a cellular and developmental biologist. While devoting himself to his administrative responsibilities, he also published a number of papers on limb regeneration in amphibians.

In addition to his zoological interests, Steve has had a long-standing passion for orchids. For years he maintained a large personal collection of orchids, and also helped develop the orchid collection in the MSU greenhouses. He was director of the MSU Conservatory from 1988-1990.

In retirement, Professor Bromley will divide his time between East Lansing and western states where much of his family lives.