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Cavalieri, Nikki (Cybil)

Nikki Cavalieri

Graduate Student
Chicoine, Tayler Ulbrich

Tayler Ulbrich Chicoine

Graduate Student
Advisor: Sarah Evans
Clark, Meaghan

Meaghan Clark

Graduate Student
Clark, Stephanie

Stephanie Clark

Graduate Student
Advisor: Nick Haddad
Constantinou, Savvas

Savvas Constantinou

Graduate Student
Advisor: Jason Gallant

I am interested in the gene regulatory networks underlying transdifferentiation and organogenesis during development. I am using weakly electric mormyrid fish and investigating the formation of the larval vs adult electric organ to look into these gene networks. I want to take an evolutionary developmental approach and investigate how the electric organ first developed ancestrally and how modification to the “electric organ” gene network allowed for the diversity in form and function that is seen among mormyroids.

Couraud, Hadley

Hadley Couraud

Technical Aide, Holekamp Lab
Craft, Lisa

Lisa Craft

Graduate Secretary
(517) 355-4642
Davidson, Ann

Ann Davidson

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Ganz Lab
Davis, Kayla

Kayla Davis

Graduate Student
Advisor: Elise Zipkin
Dillingham, Angela

Angela Dillingham

(517) 355-4640