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Gottfried, Michael

Michael  Gottfried

Associate Professor - Tenure System
(517) 432-5480
Biology and paleontology of living and fossil sharks.
Grezlik, Maxwell

Maxwell Grezlik

Technical Aide, R. Hill Lab
Griffin, Sean

Sean Griffin

Graduate Student
Advisor: Nick Haddad
Groendyk, Sarah

Sarah Groendyk

Graduate Student
Hagerman, Howard

Howard Hagerman

Retired Faculty
Hall, Donald

Donald Hall

Retired Faculty
Hamilton, Stephen

Stephen Hamilton

Professor - Tenure System
(269) 671-2231

My principal research interests involve ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry, with particular attention to aquatic environments and the movement of water through landscapes. I am especially interested in running waters, wetlands and floodplains because they represent an interface between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems that are often biologically diverse and productive. I also like to consider ecosystem processes at the landscape or watershed scale, and I prefer to do research that contributes to our understanding of environmental problems or improves our ability to manage ecosystems. In recent years I have increasingly conducted research on the agricultural ecology and the sustainability of crop production for food and biofuel.

Heath-Heckman, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Heath-Heckman

Assistant Professor - Tenure System
Bacterial symbioses are nearly ubiquitous in the animals, and can be a driving force behind host evolution and development.  My lab studies the genetic, cellular, and molecular basis of beneficial host-microbe interactions using Euprymna scolopes, the Hawaiian bobtail squid, and its luminous symbiont Vibrio fischeri as a model system. In addition, my lab has a great interest in EvoDevo in the Spiralia, including in annelids such as leeches and the cephalopod molluscs. 
Hershberger, Janet

Janet Hershberger

Secretary III; Assistant to the Chair
(517) 432-9817