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Lake, Devin

Devin Lake

Graduate Student
Laubach, Zachary

Zachary Laubach

Post Doctoral Fellow - Fixed Term, Holekamp Lab 
Lauff, George

George Lauff

Retired Faculty
Lehmann, Kenna

Kenna Lehmann

Graduate Student
Advisor: Kay Holekamp
My research is currently focused on the ecology and evolution of communication and cooperation of the spotted hyena.
Lehto, Whitley

Whitley Lehto

Research Associate, Boughman Lab
Lenski, Richard

Richard Lenski

John Hannah Distinguished Professor of Microbial Ecology - Tenure System
(517) 884-5397
Richard Lenski and his group study the dynamics of phenotypic and genomic evolution in bacteria, viruses, and self-replicating computer programs. Their work includes the famous long-term evolution experiment with E. coli bacteria, which has been running for over 25 years and 60,000 generations. 
Leuenberger, Wendy

Wendy Leuenberger

Graduate Student
Lima Borges, Isabela

Isabela Lima Borges

Graduate Student
Lindell, Catherine

Catherine Lindell

Associate Professor - Tenure System
(517) 353-9874 (Natural Science)
(517) 884-1241 (Manly Miles)
We combine theoretical and applied research in studying ecology and behavior of birds and the roles of birds in ecological functions and ecosystem processes. 
Litchman, Elena

Elena Litchman

MSU Foundation Professor  - Tenure System
(269) 671-2338
My lab investigates community ecology of marine and freshwater algae and cyanobacteria and their ecological and evolutionary responses to global change. We use field observations from lakes to the ocean, laboratory experiments and mathematical models to answer diverse questions of fundamental and applied importance, such as how marine phytoplankton adapt to rising temperatures, what determines algal biodiversity, how global change affects harmful algal blooms and how we can use phytoplankton communities for algal biofuels and other bioproducts. We also study community interactions, including competition and mutualism, in other microbes, such as bacteria, both in aquatic and host-associated (gut) environments.