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Logan, Robert

Robert Logan

Graduate Student
Advisor: Sarah Evans
I study the role that microorganisms play in driving biogeochemical cycles at ecosystem scales. Specifically, I try to understand how moisture and sunlight interact with microbes to control plant decomposition in arid lands and help us build better climate models.
Losilla, Mauricio

Mauricio Losilla

Graduate Student
Advisor: Jason Gallant
Luecke, David

David Luecke

Research Associate, Gallant Lab
Lundrigan, Barbara

Barbara Lundrigan

Curator; Associate Professor - Tenure System
(517) 355-6752 (Office)
My research integrates data from a variety of sources − behavior, morphology, and phylogeny − to address questions in mammalian evolution. Current work is focused on investigations of skull and brain morphology in carnivorans and rodents. 
Mack, Caitlin

Caitlin Mack

Graduate Student
Advisor: Richard Snider
Mamoozadeh, Nadya

Nadya Mamoozadeh

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Meek Lab
McCormick, Kevin (Steven)

Kevin (Steven) McCormick

Graduate Student
Advisor: Kay Holekamp
McElhinny, Teresa

Teresa McElhinny

Undergraduate Programs Director; Assistant Professor - Fixed Term
(517) 432-5157
McGuire, Jeanette

Jeanette McGuire

Assistant Professor - Fixed Term
(517) 353-5462
My primary research goal is to investigate fundamental questions in evolutionary biology that will enhance conservation efforts. I approach these questions in an integrative way combining theory and techniques from the fields of molecular biology, genetics, behavioral ecology, life-history evolution, and conservation. I am also interested in the evolution of longevity by considering age-specific reproduction and reductions of cellular constraints on lifespan.
Mead, Louise

Louise Mead

Adjunct Specialist
BEACON, Michigan State University