Bernard, Joni

Joni Bernard

Adjunct Assistant Professor - Fixed Term
Dloniak, Stephanie

Stephanie Dloniak

Adjunct Assistant Professor - Fixed Term
Chair of the IUCN Hyaena Specialist Group
Dworkin, Ian

Ian Dworkin

Adjunct Associate Professor - Fixed Term
Geise, Gregory

Gregory Geise

Adjunct Assistant Professor - Fixed Term
Keagy, Jason

Jason Keagy

Adjunct Research Associate - Fixed Term
I am an evolutionary biologist with a strong background in behavioral ecology. I study the evolution of complex traits, with a particular emphasis on cognitive evolution. I study cognitive evolution at multiple levels (species, population, individual, and genome) and how it is affected by multiple selective agents (e.g. sexual selection, social environment, habitat). I currently do this using stickleback fish, but have worked with birds in the past.
Mead, Louise

Louise Mead

Adjunct Specialist
BEACON, Michigan State University
Nunez, Antonio

Antonio Nunez

Adjunct Professor
(517) 355-4599
Posta, Beth

Beth Posta

Adjunct Scholar - Fixed Term
Rowe, Ashlee

Ashlee Rowe

Adjunct Assistant Professor - Fixed Term


Rowe, Matthew

Matthew Rowe

Adjunct Professor - Fixed Term
Thomas, Stephen

Stephen Thomas

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Whittaker, Danielle

Danielle Whittaker

Adjunct Faculty
BEACON, Michigan State University