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Craft, Lisa

Lisa Craft

Graduate Secretary
(517) 355-4642
Getty, Tom

Tom Getty

Chair; Professor - Tenure System
(517) 353-9864

My research is in the field of behavioral ecology. I focus on the role of information and uncertainty in various aspects of the ecology and evolution of behavior, including: sexual selection, social behavior, communication, conflict and cooperation, predator-prey interactions, habitat choice and the evolution of adaptive phenotypic plasticity.

Hershberger, Janet

Janet Hershberger

Secretary III; Assistant to the Chair; Communications Manager
(517) 432-9817
McElhinny, Teresa

Teresa McElhinny

Undergraduate Programs Director; Associate Professor - Fixed Term
(517) 432-5157
Robinson, Julie

Julie Robinson

Accountant 1
(517) 353-9865
Steinman, Katie

Katie Steinman

Business Manager
(517) 432-2747