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Constantinou, Savvas

Savvas Constantinou

Graduate Student
Advisor: Jason Gallant

I am interested in the gene regulatory networks underlying transdifferentiation and organogenesis during development. I am using weakly electric mormyrid fish and investigating the formation of the larval vs adult electric organ to look into these gene networks. I want to take an evolutionary developmental approach and investigate how the electric organ first developed ancestrally and how modification to the “electric organ” gene network allowed for the diversity in form and function that is seen among mormyroids.

Davis, Kayla

Kayla Davis

Graduate Student
Advisor: Elise Zipkin
Dobson, Kara

Kara Dobson

Graduate Student
Dominguez, Brielle

Brielle Dominguez

Graduate Student
Farr, Matthew

Matthew Farr

Graduate Student
Advisor: Elise Zipkin

The application of quantitative methods in ecology and conservation is the principal driver for my dissertation research. I develop hierarchical models to parse out the complexities of ecological systems into processes that can be described using multi-level statistical and mathematical models. I utilize the flexibility of a Bayesian statistical framework and rigorous computer programming to implement hierarchical models. The estimates from these models inform wildlife management, and the model development provides a quantitative framework for future ecological and conservation research.

Fitch, Olivia

Olivia Fitch

Graduate Student
Griffin, Sean

Sean Griffin

Graduate Student
Advisor: Nick Haddad
Groendyk, Sarah

Sarah Groendyk

Graduate Student
Hristova, Ani

Ani Hristova

Graduate Student
Advisor: Barbara Lundrigan
M.S. Topic: Brain shape evolution in the mustelid adaptive radiation
Hugentobler, Sara

Sara Hugentobler

Graduate Student
Advisor: Mariah Meek