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Incorvaia, Darren

Darren Incorvaia

Graduate Student
Advisor: Fred Dyer
I study the effects of the social environment on foraging behavior and motivation in bumblebees. I also indirectly study the effects of bee stings on various parts of the body.
Jarvey, Julie

Julie Jarvey

Graduate Student
Jaynes, Kyle

Kyle Jaynes

Graduate Student
Johnson-Ulrich, Lily

Lily Johnson-Ulrich

Graduate Student
Advisor: Kay Holekamp
I'm studying cognition in spotted hyenas. In particular, I'm investigating some predictions of the social intelligence hypothesis by examining the social factors that affect inhibitory control and I'm also looking at the effects of urbanization on behavioral flexibility. 
Jones, Sarah Christine

Sarah Jones

Graduate Student
Advisor: Kay Holekamp
Kemmerling, Lindsey

Lindsey Kemmerling

Graduate Student
Advisor: Nick Haddad
Kittredge, Heather

Heather Kittredge

Graduate Student
Advisor: Sarah Evans
I study how genetic information moves between microbes in the soil matrix.  Specifically, my research focuses on how horizontal gene transfer influences the resiliency of soil microbial communities in the face of environmental change.
Koenig, Lauren

Lauren Koenig

Graduate Student
Advisor: Jason Gallant
I research the development of pain resistance by studying the evolutionary arms race between grasshopper mice and their biochemically defended prey.
Lake, Devin

Devin Lake

Graduate Student
Lehmann, Kenna

Kenna Lehmann

Graduate Student
Advisor: Kay Holekamp
My research is currently focused on the ecology and evolution of communication and cooperation of the spotted hyena.