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Wade, Miranda

Miranda Wade

Graduate Student
Advisor: Mariah Meek
Wassink, Lydia

Lyndia Wassink

Graduate Student
Advisor: Kim Scribner
Westcott, Samantha

Samantha Westcott

Graduate Student
Wright, Alexander

Alexander Wright

Graduate Student
Advisor: Elise Zipkin
Overall, I am focused on solving local and regional environmental problems to maintain basic ecosystem health for the relying ecological and human communities. More specifically, I am interested in the interplay of landscape ecology and quantitative ecology in the use and development of conservation science. For my Ph.D. research, I am collaborating with researchers at the USGS to develop management strategies at multiple spatial scales to maintain amphibian communities within the National Capitol Region of the National Park Service through the use of structured-decision making and hierarchical modeling.
Young, Allison

Allison Young

Graduate Student
Advisor: Fred Dyer
I am broadly interested in social bee foraging behavior. Specifically, my research focuses on how honey bees make moment-to-moment foraging decisions, as well as how these decisions change in response to uncertainty in the environment and relate to species differences in activity and lifespan.
Young, Moriah

Moriah Young

Graduate Student