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Blommel, Caroline

Caroline Blommel

Professional Aide - Zipkin Lab
Couraud, Hadley

Hadley Couraud

Technical Aide, Holekamp Lab
Davidson, Ann

Ann Davidson

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Ganz Lab
Gandhi, Hasand

Hasand Gandhi

Research Technician, Ostrom Lab
(517) 353-5988
Grezlik, Maxwell

Maxwell Grezlik

Technical Aide, R. Hill Lab
Hancock, Zachary

Zachary Hancock

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Bradburd Lab
Jones, Leonard

Leonard Jones

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Bradburd Lab
Lawrence, Taylor

Taylor Lawrence

Professional Aide - Braasch/Ganz Labs
Lehto, Whitley

Whitley Lehto

Research Associate, Boughman Lab
Luecke, David

David Luecke

Research Associate, Gallant Lab
Mamoozadeh, Nadya

Nadya Mamoozadeh

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Meek Lab
Peabody, Camilla

Camilla Peabody

Research Technologist I, Boughman Lab
Racicot, Brett

Brett Racicot

Research Technologist I, Braasch Lab
Salome, Sabrina

Sabrina Salome

Laboratory Aide - Holekamp Lab
(517) 353-3771
Strassburg, Allison

Allison Strassburg

Technical Aide - Holekamp Lab
Thompson, Andrew

Andrew Thompson

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Braasch Lab
(517) 432-3485
Thompson, Jared

Jared Thompson

Research Assistant - Boughman Lab
(517) 432-4680
Thompson, Tasha

Tasha Thompson

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Meek Lab
Toczydlowski, Rachel

Rachel Toczydlowski

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Bradburd Lab
Van doninck, Jasper

Jasper Van doninck

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Zarnetske Lab
My research interests cover various aspects of the use of remote sensing in biodiversity studies. In addition, I like to focus on more technical aspects of remote sensing such as image processing and time series analysis. At the Zarnetske MSU SpaCE Lab, I am studying how disturbance regime across NEON domains can be extracted from Landsat time series. With this information, we can then investigate how disturbance regime is explained by climate, geodiversity, land cover, and past land use across different scales, and how relationships between all these factors affect intraspecific trait variability and biodiversity.
Week, Robert

Robert Week

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Bradburd Lab
White, Diana

Diana White

Technical Aide - Holekamp Lab
Williams, Mckain

Mckain Williams

Technical Aide - Boughman Lab
Zylstra, Erin

Erin Zylstra

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Zipkin Lab