Congdon, Sheri

Sheri Congdon

Technical Aide, Holekamp Lab
(517) 353-8780
Davidson, Ann

Ann Davidson

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Ganz Lab
Gandhi, Hasand

Hasand Gandhi

Research Technician, Ostrom Lab
(517) 353-5988
Gering, Eben

Eben Gering

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Getty Lab

We study feral chicken populations (Gallus gallus) to learn how social behaviors and population histories influence eco-evolutionary dynamics.

Grezlik, Maxwell

Maxwell Grezlik

Technical Aide, R. Hill Lab
Kozel, Carrie

Carrie Kozel

Research Technologist, Ganz Lab
Krieg, Cara

Cara Krieg 

Research Associate - Fixed Term, Wade Lab
Lamoureux, Phillip

Phillip Lamoureux

Research Assistant, Miller Lab
(517) 353-8476
Maksimoski, Alyse

Alyse Maksimoski 

Technical Aide
McCreery, Helen

Helen McCreery

Postdoctoral Fellow - Fixed Term, Getty Lab
I am broadly interested in collective intelligence and emergent coordination in groups. I use both theoretical and field approaches to examine how groups break deadlocks to make consensus decisions, and I extend this work to look at group-level problem-solving strategies. My work has predominantly focused on ants but I am excited to explore new systems, to see how diverse groups can coordinate their actions. 
Miner, Kasandra

Kasandra Miner

Technical Aide, Dyer Lab
Person, Erin

Erin Person

Laboratory Aide, Holekamp Lab
(517) 353-3771