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Aggarwal, Surinder

Surinder Aggarwal

Retired Faculty


Beaver, Donald

Donald Beaver

Retired Faculty
Bromley, Stephen

Stephen Bromley

Retired Faculty
Burnett, Jean

Jean Burnett

Retired Faculty
Cathey, Ben

Ben Cathey

Retired Faculty
Eiland, Lonnie

Lonnie Eiland

Retired Faculty
Giesy, John

John Giesy

Retired Faculty
Hagerman, Howard

Howard Hagerman

Retired Faculty
Hetherington, Martin

Martin Hetherington

Retired Faculty
Higgins, James

James Higgins

Retired Faculty
Hill, Richard

Richard Hill

Professor - Tenure System Emeritus
My research is currently focused on the biochemistry of reef corals and tridacnid clams. I also publish on mammalian energetics, especially the multiple scales of understanding human energetics.
Hill, Susan

Susan Hill

Professor - Fixed Term - Retired
(517) 353-4528
Development and evolution; regeneration in annelids.
Kopachik, Will

Will Kopachik

Associate Professor - Tenure System Emeritus
Lauff, George

George Lauff

Retired Faculty
Muzzall, Patrick

Patrick Muzzall

Professor - Tenure System Emeritus
Ostrom, Nathaniel

Nathaniel Ostrom

Professor - Tenure System Emeritus
(517) 355-4661
My research focuses on the application of stable isotopes and other approaches for understanding the biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nitrogen in a variety of ecosystems. Current research projects include: (1) understanding novel nitrogen cycling pathways in Lake Vida, Antarctica, (2) the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on hypoxia in the northern Gulf of Mexico, (3) application of the isotopomers of nitrous oxide to evaluate the origins of this greenhouse gas and (4) instrument development to enable real-time and in situ stable isotope measurements.
Ostrom, Peggy

Peggy Ostrom

 Professor - Tenure System Emeritus
(517) 353-9768
Dr. Ostrom studies contemporary problems in modern and ancient ecosystems. Her work includes investigating problems in conservation biology including endangered species, trace gas emissions, and nutrient cycling. Dr. Ostrom has a long history of expertise in stable isotope mass spectrometry and is currently developing novel techniques that can be applied to studies of food webs and global change.
Peebles, Charles

Charles Peebles

Retired Faculty
Robbins, Leonard

Leonard Robbins

Retired Faculty
Smith, James

James Smith

Professor - Tenure System Emeritus
Snider, Richard

Richard Snider

 Professor - Tenure System Emeritus
Straney, Donald

Donald Straney

Retired Faculty
Webber, Mukta

Mukta Webber

Retired Faculty