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Hetherington, Martin

Martin Hetherington

Retired Faculty
Higgins, James

James Higgins

Retired Faculty
Hill, Richard

Richard Hill

Professor - Tenure System Emeritus
My research is currently focused on the biochemistry of reef corals and tridacnid clams. I also publish on mammalian energetics, especially the multiple scales of understanding human energetics.
Kopachik, Will

Will Kopachik

Associate Professor - Tenure System Emeritus
Lauff, George

George Lauff

Retired Faculty
Mittlebach, Gary

Gary Mittlebach

Professor - Tenure System Emeritus
As an ecologist, I am interested in the evolution and maintenance of biodiversity (the variety of life), and in particular, what determines species diversity at different spatial scales (local to global). Local communities lend themselves to experimental manipulation and my research in this area includes experimental studies in Michigan lakes on fish and invertebrate diversity, a long-term experiment on the drivers of species richness in Michigan grasslands, and studies of behavioral variation ("animal personalities") in sunfish. At broad spatial scales, I work collaboratively with ecologists, evolutionary biologists, and paleontologists to understand the causes of geographical gradients in species diversity.
Muzzall, Patrick

Patrick Muzzall

Professor - Tenure System Emeritus
Research interests focus on parasitology and ichthyology, with a special interest in aquatic parasitology. It involves parasite taxonomy, host-parasite relationships, community diversity, and pathology of the ectotherm hosts caused by the parasites. Undergraduate students encouraged to become involved.
Ostrom, Peggy

Peggy Ostrom

 Professor - Tenure System Emeritus
(517) 353-9768
Dr. Ostrom studies contemporary problems in modern and ancient ecosystems. Her work includes investigating problems in conservation biology including endangered species, trace gas emissions, and nutrient cycling. Dr. Ostrom has a long history of expertise in stable isotope mass spectrometry and is currently developing novel techniques that can be applied to studies of food webs and global change.
Pax, Ralph

Ralph Pax

Retired Faculty
Peebles, Charles

Charles Peebles

Retired Faculty