Seminar Series



IBIO Seminar: Emily Minor

  •  Tuesday
  •  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  •  203C Natural Science

Title: People, Gardens, and Bees in the City

We live in an urbanizing world. Despite extensive impervious surfaces, urban areas can host a diversity of species and even offer opportunities for conservation. Residential yards and gardens may be particularly important spaces for urban biodiversity. Collectively, they can contain most of the vegetation in cities and serve as vital habitat for wildlife. However, the vegetation in those gardens varies substantially across a city, based on decisions made by individual managers. In this presentation, I will describe a series of studies conducted in ~100 residential neighborhoods in Chicago. In these neighborhoods, we recorded plants, floral resources, and bee visitation to flowers. I will discuss some of the surprising effects that people can have on urban biodiversity.