Support Integrative Biology 

Integrative biology is zoology all dressed up with many alternative routes to success. Students today have an opportunity to kick aside the restrictions of once formalized methods and concepts to be replaced by new and creative tools for futuristic soutions. 

We offer integrative structure to an exciting curriculum that provides "hands-on" experiences relevant to today's careers. Our students now enjoy bountiful options to learn genuine job skills through internships, part-time jobs in laboratories and practical field experience. All this takes financial support.

The Department has a multitude of options; research, teaching, careers, and even administrative. Our limited budget provides for necessary basics. Historical experience shows that concerned and involved alumni can make a significant impact on global issues. In effect we are following the university motto, "Spartans Will."

How can you help? We have three tasks that need your financial support:

  • Undergraduate - opportunity in research scholarships and internships
  • Graduate - fellowships and field support
  • Faculty - enrichment and research improvement

Did you know that our students have found their way into such places as the Masai Mara and carnivore research? How about those idealistic individuals working with the top evolutionists breaking the code to how, what, and why questions? Or maybe you didn't know that it takes field enrichment to produce an ecologist today with outstanding analytical skills. Those who have that fine edge go on to be the Spartan scientists of tomorrow.

You can donate towards a preexisting fund(s) listed below or create a new endowment. Gifts to the MSU Department of Integrative Biology are tax deductible as provided by law, and may qualify you for state of Michigan tax credits and federal tax deductions. Please consult your financial adviser on how your gifts may affect your tax situation.

General Funds

Spartan HelmetDepartment of Integrative Biology Development Fund

Gift Code: A514

Description: Department discretionary fund.


Spartan HelmetJoseph John Hauser Endowed Department of Zoology Strategic Initiatives

Gift Code: A5148

Description: The endowment will be used for the Department of Integrative purposes at the discretion of its Chairperson.


Teaching and Research Funds

Spartan HelmetDepartment of Zoology Excellence in Teaching Fund

Gift Code: A5141

Description: Programmatic/Expendable


Hyena PhotoHyena Research Fund

Gift Code: A51410

Description: Research/Expendable. You can help support our research by making a donation to the Hyena Research Fund at MSU. Your contributions provide necessary resources for the students and scientists to continue our work. 

Scholarship Funds

George Wallace PhotoGeorge J. Wallace and Martha C. Wallace Endowed Scholarship

Gift Code: AG1700

Description: Recipients shall be graduate students, or advanced undergraduate students, with exceptional academic records and pursuing a Master's or Doctorial level research program in Ornithology. Preference will be given to specialties in behavioral, ecological or systematic research on birds. Read more about the George J. Wallace and Martha C. Wallace Endowed Scholarship.


John Shaver, PhD PhotoJohn R. Shaver, Ph.D. Graduate Student Fund in Zoology

Gift Code: A5147

Description: The income will support graduate studies in the Department of Integrative Biology. Expenditures may include, but are not limited to, supplementary or summer stipends, graduate student travel, and research supplies. Read more about the John R. Shaver, Ph.D. Graduate Student Fund in Zoology.


Marvin Hensley, PhD PhotoDr. Marvin Hensley Endowed Scholarship Fund in Zoology

Gift Code: A5143

Description: This fund supports undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in the Department of Integrative Biology. Read more about the Dr. Marvin Hensley Endowed Scholarship Fund in Zoology.


Jeffrey Boettcher PhotoJeffrey Boettcher Fund for Field Study in Biology

Gift Code: A51400

Description: Student/Endowment. Read more about the Jeffrey Boettcher Fund for Field Study in Biology.