Graduate Student Directory

Baker, Denae

Denae Baker

Advisor: Richard Snider


Baumgartner, Beth

Beth Baumgartner

Advisor: Richard Snider

M.S. Topic: Evaluation of educational effectiveness of both real and virtual immersion exhibits

Booms, Andy

Andy Booms

Advisor: Kay Holekamp

Ph.D. Topic: Gene flow in spotted hyenas

Brady, Melissa

Melissa Brady

Advisor: Catherine Lindell

Bundy, Jason

Jason Bundy

Advisor: Richard Lenski

Cavalieri, Nikki (Cybil)

Nikki (Cybil) Cavalieri

Advisor: Barbara Lundrigan

Cieplechowicz, Leslie

Leslie Cieplechowicz

Advisor: Richard Snider

My research is developing a husbandry care manual for captive Przewalski's horses for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Constantinou, Savvas

Savvas Constantinou

Advisor: Jason Gallant

Eaton, Rachael

Rachael Eaton

Advisor: Catherine Lindell

Ph.D. Topic: Behavioral ecology of avian foraging and predator-prey dynamics

Farr, Matthew

Matthew Farr

Advisor: Elise Zipkin

Garnett, Sara

Sara Garnett

Advisor: Tom Getty

Ph.D. Topic: Kin-directed growth as a strategy to maximize inclusive fitness

Green, David

David Green

Advisor: Kay Holekamp

Ph.D Topic: Implications of spotted hyena demography and behavior for the conservation of African biodiversity

Greenberg, Julia

Julia Greenberg

Advisor: Kay Holekamp

Ph.D. Topic: Developmental Flexibility in Spotted Hyenas: The Role of Maternal and Anthropogenic Effects

Hanly, Patrick

Patrick Hanly

Advisor: Gary Mittelbach

Ph.D Topic: The influence of dispersal on plankton metacommunity dynamics

Haslun, Joshua

Joshua Haslun

Advisor: Nathaniel Ostrom

Hauff, Briana

Briana Hauff

Advisor: Peggy Ostrom

Ph.D. Topic: Impacts of local stress on coral symbionts in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary: Implications of genetic variance for conservation strategies

Hunt, Seth

Seth Hunt

Advisor: R. Jan Stevenson

Ph.D. Topic: Sediment nutrient effects on oxygen demand in streams

Johnson-Ulrich, Lily

Lily Johnson-Ulrich

Advisor: Kay Holekamp

I'm studying cognition in spotted hyenas. In particular I'm investigating some predictions of the social intelligence hypothesis by examining the social factors that affect inhibitory control and I'm also looking at the effects of urbanization on behavioral flexibility. 


Jones, Sarah Christine

Sarah Christine Jones

Advisor: Kay Holekamp

Kincaid, Dustin

Dustin Kincaid

Advisor: Stephen Hamilton

Ph.D. Topic: Biogeochemical cycling and sediment-water interactions in flocculent sediments in shallow freshwater ecosystems

My research focuses on understanding how hydrology, geochemistry, and ecology interact at the sediment-water interface to influence surface water chemistry, sediment toxicity, and greenhouse gas emissions in shallow freshwater ecosystems. My dissertation research focuses on how flocculent, or loosely consolidated, organic-rich sediments influence biogeochemical cycling and microbial community composition in shallow freshwater ecosystems.

Kittredge, Heather

Heather Kittredge

Advisor: N/A

Kjelvik, Melissa

Melissa Kjelvik

Advisor: Gary Mittelbach

Ph.D. Topic: Ecological consequences of the shy/bold behavioral tradeoff in juvenile bluegill sunfish

Kohn, Cory

Cory Kohn

Advisor: Barry Williams

Ph.D. Topic: Digital evolution in experimental phylogenetics and molecular evolution

Krieg, Cara

Cara Krieg

Advisor: Tom Getty

Ph.D. Topic: Sex-differences in competitive traits in house wrens

Kuczynski, Michael

Michael Kuczynski

Advisor: Tom Getty

Ph.D. Topic: Influence of life history trade-offs on sexual signaling and sexual selection

Laubach, Zachary

Zachary Laubach

Advisor: Kay Holekamp

Ph.D. Topic:  Associations of social environment and epigenetic mechanisms underlying individual variation in stress reactivity among spotted hyenas

Lehmann, Kenna

Kenna Lehmann

Advisor: Kay Holekamp

Ph.D. Topic: The function of vocal communication in spotted hyenas

Lewin, Nora

Nora Lewin

Advisor: Kay Holekamp

My research investigates proximate mediation of life history traits within a social hierarchy. 

Lin, Shengpan

Shengpan Lin

Advisor: R. Jan Stevenson

Ph.D. Topic: Linkages between climate change (Extreme events-->Algal blooms) and water quality

Liu, Bo

Bo Liu

Advisor: R. Jan Stevenson

Ph.D. Topic: Advancing diatom indicators for freshwater lake ecosystem management


Logan, Robert

Robert Logan

Advisor: Sarah Evans

Losilla, Mauricio

Mauricio Losilla

Advisor: Ian Dworkin

Maddamsetti, Rohan

Rohan Maddamsetti

Advisor: Richard Lenski

Ph.D. Topic: Epistasis and rates of evolution

Marzec, Sarah

Sarah Marzec

Advisor: Ian Dworkin

McCormick, Kevin (Steven)

Kevin (Steven) McCormick

Advisor: Kay Holekamp

McGill, Bonnie

Bonnie McGill

Advisor: Stephen Hamilton

My research traces the fate of inorganic carbon in row crop soils in the form of either crushed lime (calcium carbonate) to buffer soil pH or as bicarbonate naturally dissolved in groundwater used for irrigation.  In the soil these carbonates can act as either a source of CO2 to the atmosphere or a sink for keeping additional CO2 out of the atmosphere. 

Mobley, Robert

Robert Mobley

Advisor: Jenny Boughman

Ph.D. Topic: Evolution of sensory ecology in threespine sticklebacks

Montgomery, Tracy

Tracy Montgomery

Advisor: Kay Holekamp

Morra, Kaycee

Kaycee Morra

Advisor: Peggy Ostrom

Morrow, Andrea

Andrea Morrow

Advisor: Barbara Lundrigan

Nalley, Jakob

Jakob Nalley

Advisor: Elena Litchman

Ph.D. Topic: Optimizing algal biofuel production through the lens of community ecology

Niceley, Shannon

Shannon Niceley

Advisor: Richard Snider

O'Donnell, Daniel

Daniel O'Donnell

Advisor: Elena Litchman

Ph.D. Topic: Using experimental evolution and trait-based approaches to study phytoplankton community ecology

Pariji, Abhijna

Abhijna Parigi

Advisor: Ian Dworkin

Ph.D. Topic: Anti-predator behavioral evolution in Drosophila melanogaster

Roels, Steven

Steven Roels

Advisor: Catherine Lindell

Ph.D. Topic: Avian ecology in Panamanian forest restorations

I study avian ecology in tropical forest restorations. Specifically, I am researching the role of insectivorous birds as ecosystem service providers that reduce insect damage to restoration trees.

Rojas, Connie

Connie Rojas

Advisor: Kay Holekamp

Rupp, Taylor

Taylor Rupp

Advisor: Heather Eisthen

Salk, Kateri

Kateri Salk

Advisor: Nathaniel Ostrom

My research focuses on the environmental factors controlling nitrogen cycling in aquatic ecosystems. I am especially interested in the effects of anthropogenic nutrient loading on microbial nitrogen removal processes and greenhouse gas production.

Sawdy, Maggie

Maggie Sawdy

Advisor:Kay Holekamp

Shave, Megan

Megan Shave

Advisor: Catherine Lindell

Ph.D. topic: Conservation and agricultural applications of orchard nest boxes for a declining raptor species.

Strauss, Eli

Eli Strauss

Advisor: Kay Holekamp

Sussman, Allison

Allison Sussman

Advisor: Elise Zipkin

Testa, Nick

Nick Testa

Advisor: Alexander Shingleton

Turner, Julie

Julie Turner

Advisors: Tom Getty, Kay Holekamp

Vaelli, Patric

Patric Vaelli

Advisor: Heather Eisthen

Wassink, Lydia

Lydia Wassink

Advisor: Kim Scribner

Wegener, Sarah

Sarah Wegener

Advisor: Heather Eisthen

Weigel, Emily

Emily Weigel

Advisor: Jenny Boughman

Ph.D. Topic: Sexual selection and decision-making in threespine sticklebacks

I study what makes males sexy, and why females choose them, and what can happen (evolutionarily) when males and females invest in poor partners.

Wilburn, Paul

Paul Wilburn

Advisor: Elena Litchman

Ph.D. Topic: Genomic signatures and of metabolic contraints in spatially endemic photosynthetic eukaryotes

Williams, Sean

Sean Williams

Advisor: Catherine Lindell

Wiser, Michael

Michael Wiser

Advisor: Richard Lenski

Young, Allison

Allison Young

Advisor: Fred Dyer

Zhou, Jing

Jing Zhou

Advisor: Richard Snider