The Man Who Bottled Evolution

Richard Lenski's long-term evolution experiment is considered one of the world's longest-running science experiments. The experiment demonstrates that evolution occurs, is ever-present, and never stops. Insights from his research can lead to new ways to understand, prevent, and perhaps better treat diseases.

It's the Winter of the Snowy Owl in Mid-Michigan

This winter, numerous snowy owls have been spotted in the Lansing area. The most recent reported spotting was by Pam Rasmussen.

Bonnie McGill Chosen for Smith Conservation Fellow

KBS & IBIO graduate student, Bonnie McGill, has been selected for a highly competitive postdoctoral research fellowship, which will begin in May following her graduation from MSU. McGill will be studying how nutrients move through agricultural watersheds in Iowa as part of the David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship program, which chooses only 4 or 5 applicants each year nationally.

By Bethany Bohlen
Nick Haddad and Erica Henry Secure Grant to Study Effects of Multiple Disturbances on Endangered Butterfly

Under normal conditions, the butterfly needs severe disturbance, such as fire or dense tree removal, to maintain its habitat and food source. The devastating hurricane in southern Florida created a second disturbance. Nick Haddad and Erica Henry have been awarded a grant to study whether these two disturbances create an even better habit and increase butterfly numbers or eliminate butterflies altogether.

Open Letter to the College

College of Natural Science's Interim Dean, Cheryl Sisk, has drafted a letter in response to recent events related to Michigan State University.