Elise Zipkin Awarded NSF Grant to Examine Continental-Scale Stressors on the Migratory Monarch Butterfly

Elise Zipkin is the lead investigator of a $300,000 early career award from the National Science Foundation’s MarcoSystems Biology & Early NEON Science Program to investigate the effects of climate and land-use variables on the monarch butterfly and forecast future population changes at multiple scales across the continent.

Haddad Joins KBS & IBIO Faculty As Senior Terrestrial Ecologist

After a search for a Senior Terrestrial Ecologist that began last October, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Nick Haddad has been selected for this faculty position. Haddad began his joint appointment at KBS and MSU’s Department of Integrative Biology on August 16. He brings his ecological expertise and leadership experience to the table as he helps to lead the KBS LTER.

Evolution During Global Change: Sarah Fitzpatrick

Sarah Fitzpatrick blogs about her presentation as an ASN Young Investigator winner at the Society for the Study of Evolution conference.

Helen McCreery Joins IBIO to Study Cooperation in Groups

Helen McCreery has joined our team as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab of Tom Getty. Originally an environmental engineer, Helen has always been fascinated by social groups, especially social insects. At MSU Helen will extend this research on cooperation to other species to see how other diverse groups coordinate their actions.

From Veterinary Medicine to Zoo Education: How MSU Experiences shifted Mariah Faszczewski's Career Goals

Mariah Faszczewski is a transfer student whose success in the Zoology Program helped guide her to her ultimate goal: educating the public on animals and conservation issues. We chatted with her to learn more about her transition to MSU, her experiences here, and how they impacted her future career goals.