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American Marten Field Tech

The Applied Forest and Wildlife Ecology Laboratory at Michigan State University is looking to hire one seasonal field technician (with a maximum of 40 hours/week) to lead non-invasive genetic sampling of American marten using hair snares in the Turtle Mountain Region of North Dakota, USA. Selected candidate will be responsible for assembling, setting, and maintaining hair snares and collecting hair samples and photographs from sampling locations. Project goals are to develop a robust estimate of population size and individual survival for American marten in the Turtle Mountains. Candidate will conduct fieldwork while communicating closely with researchers at Michigan State University and North Dakota Game and Fish. Approximate start date is May 15th (negotiable) with an anticipated duration of 3 months. The selected candidate will receive priority for re-hire in future field seasons contingent upon performance.

This position requires a candidate capable of working independently in a remote field location under limited supervision. Efficiency and a positive attitude working in rugged terrain and difficult field conditions (e.g., insects, heat, thick vegetation) is necessary. We expect candidates to have a strong field background as well as being organized and detail-oriented in data collection and entry. Familiarity with non-invasive genetic sampling and trail cameras is desired.

Housing in the Turtle Mountain study area will be provided by North Dakota Game and Fish. Michigan State University will provide a field truck for all transportation needs.

General duties:

  • Operation of full-size 4WD field truck to and from sampling sites
  • Placement and rotation of hair snare sampling stations in Turtle Mountain study area
  • Assembly and maintenance of cubby and hair snares used for sample collection
  • Setting, maintaining, and data collection using trail cameras
  • Coordinates with colleagues at Michigan State University and North Dakota Game and Fish regarding updates, tasks, and logistics
  • Collection, organization, and storage of hair samples for genetic testing
  • Communicate and interact with private landowners

Hourly Rate: $15.00 - $17.00 depending on experience

Desired Qualifications

  • Degree or progress toward degree in field of natural resources. Will also consider applicants with extensive field experience
  • Experience assembling, maintaining, and collecting samples from hair snares (or collection of similar biological samples)
  • Experience setting and collecting data from trail cameras
  • Experience with GIS and mapping (not required)
  • Willingness to work in inclement weather and field conditions
  • Ability to navigate remote areas and hike in rugged terrain
  • Ability to use GPS and maps for navigation
  • Accurate and efficient data entry
  • Self-motivated and independent
  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • Clear communication and ability to interact with private stakeholders