Fish Facility Volunteers Needed for Ganz/Braasch Lab

The Ganz and Braasch Laboratories are seeking Spring volunteers to work in their joint Fish Facility.  Dr. Julia Ganz, with the Department of Integrative Biology (IBIO), uses zebrafish (Danio rerio) as model organism to study nervous system development.  Dr. Ingo Braasch, with the Department of Integrative Biology (IBIO), also uses zebrafish as well as medaka (Oryzias latipes) and spotted gar (Lepistosteus oculatus) as model systems to investigate the genomic basis of vertebrate evolution. There are currently approximately 4,000 fish housed in the zebrafish facility and 150 gar housed at the University Research Containment Facility on Hagadorn Rd.  

Volunteer Duties

  • Daily feeding
  • Tank maintenance (washing tanks, changing tanks),
  • Water quality monitoring
  • General lab maintenance (re-stocking supplies, cleaning) 
  • Genotyping using PCR
  • Breeding fish, rearing embryos

This is a great opportunity for students looking to gain fish husbandry, laboratory, and research experience. There is also a potential for a future research project for interested candidates.


Students interested should send a resume and cover letter to Theresa Gunn at by Dec 14th.  Please indicate the number of hours per week available and if you are willing to occasionally help on weekends.