Molecular Biologist / Microbiologist / Biochemist / Biologist


Pfizer has two contract positions (13 months minimum/25 months maximum) open in their Bioprocess Development Group (BDG). These positions offer an excellent opportunity for recent or soon-to-be graduates to gain industrial experience in the application of biology, microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, and/or biochemistry training.  

The Bioprocess Development Group at Pfizer is responsible for development and improvement of biological processes used in the production of small molecule products manufactured worldwide.  The mission of the group is to:

  • Improve cultures for existing microbially-derived products
  • Develop cultures for new microbially-derived products
  • Design and develop biological alternatives (biocatalysis) for new and existing chemical manufacturing processes
  • Develop cost-effective and highly productive fermentation and biocatalysis processes

The group employs a broad spectrum of classical and modern molecular biology techniques including random and site-specific mutagenesis, gene cloning and expression, gene knockout and replacement, enzyme engineering, and metabolic pathway engineering. 


Class work and laboratory experience in microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, and/or biochemistry. Good communication and writing skills. Laboratory experience outside of the classroom and experience with computer DNA analysis programs is a plus. Good organizational skills and attention to detail is a necessity. 

Job Description

Genetics: Both job openings are in this area.

Participate in the routine and specialized tasks of a modern microbial molecular biology laboratory including making media and solutions, growing cultures, nucleic acid isolation and manipulation, transformations, protein expression, enzyme assays, and high throughput screening. Interpret experimental results and keep a detailed electronic laboratory notebook. 


Please send your resume and a cover letter to Doug Weir ( by March 20, 2018.