Nottingham Nature Nook Summer Internship

Nottingham Nature Nook is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center in East Lansing. The majority of the wildlife are housed in a private home which is associated with an equestrian center.  They are looking for a full-time intern for the summer term of 2018.

Duties will include but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning out both bird and animal cages daily
  • Laundry of cage towels and fleece
  • General cleaning, preparation of food for wildlife
  • Feeding juvenile and adult wildlife
  • Intake of wildlife patients
  • Assisting in veterinary treatment of wildlife
  • Transportation of wildlife to Nottingham Nature Nook

Overall, interns will help Nottingham Nature Nook run smoothly and efficiently while treating all our patients with kindness and compassion. This internship will also include knowledge of both mammal and avian natural history of all the wildlife we receive.

All interested students should send a resume to Cheryl Connell-Marsh at Selected applicants will then fill out a questionnaire and undergo an interview with Cheryl.