Summer Research Technician

Overall Research Goal: Investigate the impacts on larval fish neurobehavioral using ecologically relevant behavioral alterations for multiple species after exposure to PCB126 and methylmercury.

Focus of the research:  This project examines the impact of neurological pollutants on fish populations by examining the laboratory behavior of individual larva using video surveillance methods.  Multiple sub lethal concentrations of the neurotoxicants are used to determine different larval behavioral responses.

Tasks: This project requires precise data collection on fish swimming and feeding behavior using automated tracking software. The technician will be responsible for collecting fish larval movement data from laboratory swimming and feeding behavior video assays and for maintaining data quality and assurance.

Qualifications: College level course work in a biological or environmental science is preferred.  Applicants must have a strong work ethic and a willingness to conduct repetitive continuous computer tasks; must have an attention to detail and precision; must be reliable and trustworthy and can work without constant supervision. 

Pay rate: $10.00 per hour

Hours: Fulltime (40 hours/week) seasonal position (May-August)

Application: Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Janice Albers, MSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, email: