Undergraduate Assistants Needed for Mara Hyena Project

The Holekamp Lab is looking for dedicated undergraduate students to assist with work in the Mara Hyena Project.  There are two projects we will need help with.  They are:

  1. Investigating the hyena diet. This will require reading and interpreting notes from the field to categorize kills and carcasses by species.
  2. Collecting behavioral data on feeding tolerance. This will require reading notes from the field and entering data on which hyenas feed together at the same carcass.

Both projects will require attendance of a weekly meeting, reading background papers to familiarize yourself with the research and its purpose, and volunteering for ~10 hours/week. We will provide advising and mentoring to those that want it, as well as recommendation letters for good students. Successful applicants will also be able to sign up for research credits. 

If you are interested in these positions, please send us your resume or CV, unofficial transcript, the number of hours/week you can work, the number of semesters you are willing to commit to working in the lab, and a letter of interest (email to: montg215@msu.edu). If you have questions about the positions, please e-mail us or stop by our lab in Nat Sci Room 303.