Student Clubs


Group photo of Zoological Student Association Members outside of a zoo


The Zoological Students Association is a club that explores many career paths of the Integrative Biology field. We do volunteer work, fundraising for local and global causes, outreach and education programs. We also host guest speakers who range from professors doing research to field professionals and we have a graduate panel. We plan day trips and overnight trips each semester to different facilities to do tours, speak with employees, and explore new places.

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 Zoological Students Association



Herpetology Club

Members of the Herpetology Club looking for herps at the edge of a body of water


The Herpetology Club is a group of reptile and amphibian enthusiasts who are dedicated to spreading awareness and educating the public about these vastly misunderstood animals. Our activities include trips to nature centers and an alligator sanctuary, expeditions to find cool reptiles and amphibians, expos, educational events and more!

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 MSU Herpetology Club



Shark Club

Shark Club text in the shape of a shark

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 Shark Club, MSU

Birding Club

Members of the birding club at a beach looking into their binoculars to spot a spot

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 MSU Birding Club