Undergraduate Advising

Current Zoology students should meet with their advisor at least once a year to discuss curriculum related issues, such as verifying requirements, program planning, course selection, academic success and internships.

Students considering a Zoology major are urged to discuss degree requirements, electives and their career choices with one of the Zoology advisors.

Refer to the frequently asked questions for academic information including: majors changes, concentrations, enrollment, transferring courses, repeating courses, academic advising, scheduling an advising appointment, and so forth.

Undergraduate Advisor, Jim Harding
Jim Harding, M.S.
 205 Museum
 (517) 353-7978
 Academic Year
All Zoology Majors

Undergraduate Advisor, Sue Hill

Sue Hill, Ph.D.
 163 Giltner Hall
 (517) 353-4528
 Academic Year
Honors College APPs
Marine Biology
All Zoology Majors

Undergraduate Advisor, Katie Licht

Katie Licht, M.S., B.C.B.A.
 350 Natural Science
 (517) 432-9819
 Year Round
Prospective Students
Probation Students
Academic Orientation
All Zoology Majors

Undergraduate Director, Richard Snider

Richard Snider, Ph.D.
Director of Undergraduate Advising & Career Development
 03 Natural Science
 (517) 355-8473
 Academic Year
Zoo & Aquarium Science
Prospective Students