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Katie Licht, Communications ManagerHello fellow department alumni! My name is Katie Licht, and I’m the Communications Manager for the MSU Department of Integrative Biology (formerly the Department of Zoology).

My goals are (1) to make our department news more accessible, (2) expand our photography archives, (3) design and update our campus displays, and (4) help the department reconnect with alumni.

As the Department transitions to the new name, we are excited to take the opportunity to simultaneously improve our channels of communication. For instance, we have launched this new website, we plan to establish a presence in social media, and be sure to lookout for our eNewsletters in your inbox!

Most importantly, we want to hear (and share) your stories! We are proud of our department history and the accomplishments of our alumni. As we look toward the future, we want you to remain an integral part of the department!

It’s critically important that students, advisors, and faculty know about our alumni. Current and prospective students always ask, ‘What kind of job can I get with a degree in Zoology?’ It can be incredibly helpful to know what our alumni, who are in the workforce, have accomplished with their degree(s). It is also an opportunity to inspire the next generation of zoologists.

Want to share your story? Send captioned photos and narratives to

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