Lauren Caramagno: Jaguars, Camera Traps, and Grit

With the help of a graduate student, Lauren designed a research study to be conducted in the Pantanal region of Brazil, but she lacked the funds to finance the project. Determined to capture wildlife on camera traps and use this data to define a sustainability plan, she applied for numerous scholarships. She was awarded Integrative Biology's Dr. Marvin Hensley Endowed Scholarship to make her dream a reality.

Evolutionary Lessons From an Ancient Fish

At the August MSU Board of Trustee meeting, Ingo Braasch explained what fish can tell us about our evolution, development, and diseases.

Moving Forward in the Dark: Sean Griffin and His Bees

Science is often a series of failures that teach us how to succeed. After a first field season riddled with messes, graduate student Sean Griffin is making a beeline toward his research on pollinators in his second year of field work.

Shedding Light on Fog's Role in Microbial Transport

Sarah Evans is a co-author of a new study which suggests that fog can transfer microbes into new environments.

Modeling the Evolutionary Emergence of Diverse Microbial Metabolisms

Elena Litchman and Christopher Klausmeier are the recipients of a two year, $360,000 NASA Astrobiology/Exobiology grant to fund research on modeling the evolutionary origin of diverse microbial metabolisms.