Amphibians Face Many Challenges in Brazilian Rain Forest

Deforestation remains the biggest threat to animals that call the rain forest “home.” However, even measured, sensible development projects can have unforeseen effects because there’s no model to follow. Now, thanks to new research published in Ecological Applications, there’s a guide to help land-use development and efforts to conserve amphibians, which are rapidly declining worldwide.

Butterflies in the Storm

Scientists, including Nick Haddad, are working to save several species of butterflies from the brink of extinction. 



Fish's Use of Electricity Might Shed Light on Human Illnesses

Scientists have found that the evolutionary trick some fish use to make brief electrical discharges could provide new insights on treatments for diseases such as epilepsy. 

Pat Muzzall Retires After 39 Years at MSU

Patrick “Pat” Muzzall retired in May 2018. He is a respected parasitologist, working primarily with the parasites of fish and amphibians. Pat was heavily involved in undergraduate education, primarily teaching general biology and parasitology.

Lifting the Economy on Falcons' Wings

What can help boost Michigan’s economy? American kestrels. In a recent study, the Lindell Lab shows that America’s smallest raptor can boost Michigan’s – and other fruit-growing states’ – bottom lines.