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Integrative Biology Funding

General Departmental Funds


  • March 1st: Last day to request departmental funds 
  • June 30th: Last day for expenditure of awarded funds, unless special arrangements are made (e.g., fall professional meetings)


General departmental funds to support research and professional development. The Department of Integrative Biology has a small pool for funds to support Ph.D. and Plan A Master's students' professional development and research. Most awards are $200.


Students are eligible to apply for these general department funds twice during their time in the Department of Integrative Biology. Priority is given to support travel to scientific meetings to present research results.

Guidelines for Requesting Departmental Support

  1. Submit a one-page cover letter to the current Director of Graduate Studies describing the research you are currently pursuing, and how you intend to utilize funds awarded. Please do not submit requests directly to the department chairperson. 
  2. A summary budget and a brief justification of major budget items. 
  3. If you will seek funds to attend a professional meeting, you should attach an abstract of the paper you will present there, as well as a photocopy of the meeting announcement, stating dates, location, etc. 
  4. All University business-related travel (seminars, conferences, field research, etc.) must be authorized in advance of departure. Contact Janet Hershberger before travel at 517-432-9817 or by email at jroe@msu.edu

After supplies have been received or travel has been completed, give all receipts and used air tickets directly to Janet Hershberger in 219 Natural Science.


George J. Wallace and Martha C. Wallace Endowed Scholarship Award

George J. Wallace Photo


Learn more about George J. Wallace.


Applications must be submitted by the second Monday in February by 5 p.m. 


For graduate students working with birds.


This award is intended to encourage students who have demonstrated:

  • The capacity to achieve educational and professional goals.
  • The motivation to achieve these goals.
  • The initiative to seek opportunities to further their progress.

The applicants should be graduate level students (in exceptional cases, advanced undergraduate students will be considered), have an exceptional academic record, and be pursuing a Master's or Doctoral program in avian research. Preference will be given to specialties in behavioral, ecological or systematic research on birds.

The amount of the award varies from year to year, but is generally a minimum of $2,500.

How to Apply

Application information and materials available for download:

For questions regarding this form, contact:

Associate Professor - Tenure System
(517) 353-9874 (Natural Science)
(517) 884-1241 (Manly Miles)

Past Winners

The 2023 George J. Wallace and Martha C. Wallace Endowed Scholarship Award winner was Sam Ayebare. View the complete list of Wallace winners.

Dr. Marvin Hensley Endowed Scholarship in Zoology

Dr. Marvin Hensley Photo


Spring semester


The scholarship was established to further the disciplines of zoological and biological science. Its goal is to provide financial support for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing an education in vertebrate zoology with an emphasis on field study. One undergraduate and one graduate scholarship are awarded each year. The selection of recipient(s) will be made in the spring of each year with the award being paid for the upcoming Fall. The scholarship is administered by the Department of Integrative Biology.


Graduate recipients shall be chosen on the following basis:

  • Enrolled in graduate studies in the Department of Integrative Biology, and maintain graduate standing consistent with college requirements throughout the proposed project period.
  • An outstanding academic record. 
  • Studying a topic related to vertebrate biology with emphasis on field research. 
  • Financial needs will be considered. 
  • Renewable for up to three years on the advisor's view of satisfactory progress. 

How to Apply

The application packet should include:

  • Copies of all university transcripts.
  • Description of the research project (include the duration of the project). This document should be limited to two double-spaced pages. 
  • Letter of recommendation from your advisor. 
  • Copy of the projected budget (include such requests as travel, equipment, lodging, service costs, software, etc.). 
Applications should be submitted to Integrative Biology's Director of Graduate Studies.

Past Winners

The 2023 Dr. Marvin Hensley Endowed Scholarship in Zoology (graduate student) winner is Miranda Wade. View the complete list of Hensley (Graduate) winners.


John R. Shaver, Ph.D. Graduate Student Fund in Zoology

Dr. John Shaver Photo


Announced in March or early April.


John R. Shaver, who served on the faculty of our department from 1956 to 1981, created this endowment to express his support for a strong graduate program in Zoology. These funds can be used for (but are not limited to) supplementary or summer stipends, research-related travel, and research supplies. We expect to make three to four merit-based awards each spring in amounts ranging from $1000-2000.


Graduate students in the Department of Integrative Biology seeking financial support for their dissertation research.

How to Apply

Required application materials:

  • A project description not to exceed two double-spaced pages (references may appear on additional pages) of 12-point font. 
  • A budget and budget justification. 
  • A curriculum vitae. 
  • A brief letter of endorsement from the major professor.

Submit all application materials to Lisa Craft (craftl@msu.edu) before the deadline.

For questions regarding applying, contact Integrative Biology's Director of Graduate Studies.

Past Winners

The 2023 John R. Shaver, Ph.D. Graduate Student Fund in Zoology winners are Vincent Pan and Jana Woerner. View the complete list of Shaver winners.