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Off Campus Research Opportunities

Summer Research Programs

Summer research programs for undergraduates are 8-10 week programs that typically include a stipend and housing for the duration of the program. Students conduct research projects with faculty, attend seminars and give oral presentations on their research project. These programs provide an opportunity to gain valuable hands-on research experience while simultaneously building your network with researchers, post-docs, graduate students and peers beyond Michigan State University. Opportunities are available in a variety of disciplines.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

The REU program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). This is a terrific way to gain research experience (usually in the summer).

Students accepted to one of these programs work in a variety of specific research projects at host institutions around the country. About ten undergraduates are associated with each REU Site, and each student is associated with a specific research project.

There are REU sites in Michigan, such as at MSU's Kellogg Biological Station (not applicable to MSU students) or through Central Michigan University, but there are also many sites across the country at colleges and universities. Many university-based field stations offer REU opportunities too.

Housing and a stipend are included for these programs, so this is a great way to investigate another part of the country. These opportunities usually last 10 to 12 weeks.

University-Associated Field Stations

Field stations are associated with universities and are terrific places to obtain research experience in the summers or the academic year. Sometimes stations post summer jobs for students to collect and analyze field data.

Visit the Organization of Biological Field Stations for a complete list of biological field stations.

Find Other Off-Campus Research Opportunities