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On Campus Research Opportunities

One of the best ways to find a research opportunity is to talk directly to those conducting research. Contact (typically via email) specific faculty members or graduate students who are conducting research that interests you. They don’t have to be in the Integrative Biology Department (e.g., Animal Science, Fisheries & Wildlife, Psychology, etc. Faculty research interests are listed on each department’s website. Be sure to explore the person’s lab website and read some of their published research articles prior to making contact. Make an effort to learn about what they’re researching beforehand. This will set you apart from other students seeking opportunities in their lab.

VENTURE Undergraduate Research Database. This is a classified board for undergraduate research opportunities. Check frequently, especially at the beginning of a semester. Summer opportunities are also listed on VENTURE.

Handshake, a modern career development platform used by MSU, includes a database of full and part-time job opportunities on campus.

Go beyond electronic resources. Many departments have bulletin boards in the halls outside their main offices where jobs in departmental laboratories are posted.

Michigan State University also offers the following research programs (there may be restrictions on who is eligible):